Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Little Boy Lost

Well, I finally got a few minutes to read the 1860 census for Madison County, IN. Only 42 pages, not too bad! That year, most of my DeHoritys were Doughertys. I saw my James Madison DeHority with wife Susannah and sons John and James. I was on the lookout for George L. DeHority's family, minus George as he appears to have passed around 1857.

It doesn't take very long to find Anna (Warren) Dougherty. There she is on page 105, age 37, born in Delaware. She is listed as a seamstress, so that must be how she is keeping the family going after George's death. She is listed with children James (9), David (7), George (4) and Thomas (3). George?! I have the other boys in my database, but not George. Who is this little guy? Maybe I should look for them in 1870.

By 1870, Anna's fortunes seem to have improved. She is still in Madison County, IN, but she is listed as the wife of William Etchison (56), farmer born in North Carolina. According to the Pioneer Cemeteries of Indiana web site, there are lots of Etchisons in the area at this time. Anna's sons James (17) and Thomas (13), are there, along with daughter Emma Etchison (5). Where are David and George? Well, David is listed as a farm laborer working on the Kidwell farm. But no George. I think I might know where he is.

In the Duck Creek Cemetery, Frazier Farm listing on the Pioneer Cemeteries site is an entry (#15558) for a little grave for George N. Dehority, 7 y. 9 m. 5 d., December 3, 1866 or 63. I've often wondered who this little guy might be, now, I think I know. If the date on the stone is 1863, the age would be right for the George on the 1860 census. Too sad!

What happens to Anna? Well, by 1880, Anna is again a widow, still in Madison Co., IN, and living with daughter Emma, now 17, and son Thomas (22). After that, I'm not sure what happens to her. I haven't yet stumbled on her gravesite. Maybe I will.

But she isn't near that little boy on the Frazier Farm.

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