Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Trail in Delaware

So, James Madison DeHority was born in Delaware in 1819. This seems like the next place to look. There are a number of Dehorty families in Delaware in this time period. In researching the probate records, the only one which offers a link is a will for Thomas Dehorty, probated in 1847. The first hint is as follows:

“I will and devise unto my grandson John Tilghman Cubbage and to my grandson
George L. Dehorty son of Mary Hurd, wife of James Hurd, as tenants in common all
my home and dwelling plantation.”

So, a George L. Dehorty is the son of Mary Hurd, wife of James Hurd. Is this my George L. Dehorty in Indiana? The marriage card file of the Delaware State Archives lists a marriage for James Hurd and Mary Longfellow. Does the “L” in George's name stand for Longfellow?
Further in the will:

“...subject to a legacy of one hundred dollars which I do hereby will and
devise that the said John Tilghman Cubbage and George L. Dehorty shall pay or
cause to be paid to James M. Dehorty, son of Sarah Silivan the same to be paid
within one year of my demise.”

Aha! So here's a reference to a James M. Dehorty. My James?! Efforts to find a reference to a Sarah Silivan have so far been unsuccessful. If James' obituary is correct, she must have died around 1828. And how is James related to Thomas? Thomas didn't refer to him as a grandson (drat!), so why is he leaving him $100?
Last, from the will:

“I further will and devise unto Ann Maria Warren one cow and one feather bed
with bedsted and furniture.”

Well, now. George L. DeHority had a son, Thomas (!) L. DeHority. A biography of Thomas indicates that his mother's name was Anna Maria Warren. I think this verifies that Thomas is referring to the DeHoritys in Indiana. George, Anna and their family are in Madison county in 1850, three years after the will was probated. I wonder if they delivered the $100 to James?

The trail seems hot in Delaware...

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