Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Genealogy ADD

I’m usually a fairly focused person when I have a task to finish…except when Genealogy ADD sets in.

I have a trip coming up which might take me near the Kentucky Historical Society in Frankfort. My Carr, Mauzy and Jameson families came through Kentucky in the late 1700-early 1800’s. Yesterday, I found myself with a couple of hours that I could spend putting together a list of objectives, if I do get the chance to visit. Sounds simple, no?

I opened up my Family Tree Maker file, and did a location report for Kentucky. I’ve done this before and should have known better. Somehow, in generating the report, the program seems to change random entries to Kentucky. I noticed this when my Henry Mauzy, who I “know” died in Virginia in 1804 now is listed as dying in Kentucky. Rats!! Now I have to fix this! Better go online and check my tree at Ancestry to mend the other….oh, look! There’s someone else with an ancestry for Henry Mauzy’s wife! But, wait, that birthday can’t be right. I wonder what the source is? Of course, it’s the dreaded “Family Data Collection”, described as

“The Family Data Collection - Individual Records database was created while gathering genealogical data for use in the study of human genetics and disease.“

which sounds to me like someone collected data online without doing much to verify whether it was true. When is a source not a source?

You know, maybe I can find something about the Mauzys on FamilySearch. Heading over there it occurs to me that I haven’t checked their entries for France, since this family descends from a Huguenot refugee. Lots of Mauzy births, but no hits. They were supposed to have married in England at some point, to a Connyers, let’s try England. I had no idea there were so many Connyers in England!

You know, GeneaNet has a lot of European sources. Let’s see what a Mauzy search brings. Lots of listings. Too bad a lot of them are in French….oh look, there were Mauzy families in Illinois! I wonder who? None have new information. I think they all memorized the same information about the Huguenot ancestor. Why, here’s a copy of the Arbutis, a University of Indiana student publication from the early 1900’s, and it mentions my grandmother, Mary Louise Mauzy! How cute! I should download that!

You know, I don’t know much about the Huguenots. There is a book here listing the Huguenot settlement in Virginia. What if I Google that? Well, now, there are a few sites on this topic. Why, there’s even a Huguenot Society of Virginia! Here are some interesting links.

You know, I’ve never been able to identify the ship that the early Mauzy came over on. I wonder if there is anything here?

Wait! What? It’s time to make dinner?