Monday, March 2, 2009

Surname meme

Craig on GeneaBlogie has a great suggestion for a blog. Of course, I just posted yesterday, but it is such a good idea, I really want to get this out there. The task is to list the surnames I'm researching, their localities and your "Most Wanted Ancestors". Here goes, through 2xgreat-grandparents:
  • DeHority/Dehorty and variants: Indiana, Delaware, Ohio, Maryland, Idaho and (someday) Ireland;
  • Mauzy: Indiana, Virginia, France;
  • Hupp: Indiana, Virginia, Germany;
  • Moore: Indiana, Virginia;
  • Bobbitt: Indiana, Virginia;
  • Huffman: Indiana, Tennessee;
  • Carr: Indiana, Virginia;
  • Douglas/Dobrovalskas: Virginia, Pennsylvania, Lithuania;
  • Wychulis/Vaiculis: Pennsylvania, Illinois, Lithuania;
  • Urnikas: Pennsylvania, Illinois, Lithuania;
  • Bartkiewicz: Pennsylvania, Illinois, Lithuania;
  • Beaulieu: Massachusetts, Quebec, France;
  • Landry: Massachusetts, Quebec, France;
  • Ducharme: Massachusetts, Quebec, France;
  • Filion: Massachusetts, Quebec, France;

Most Wanted: No surprise here, the parents of James Madison DeHority, born 1819 in Delaware, probably Kent County, and died in 1891 in Elwood, Indiana. Second, the parents of Susanna Huffman, said to be born in Kingsport, Tennessee in 1817, died in 1899 in Elwood, Indiana.

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